Geophysical Survey

In spatial studies, the systematic harvesting of data related to the physics of the earth is known as a geophysical survey. This kind of survey has multiple applications in the fields of engineering, geology and oceanography, among others. Findings from these surveys are used in both industry and academic research, and the fundamentals involved in the processing of signals are analysis and detection. As the magnetic and gravitational fields that emanate from the Earth’s interior carry with them crucial information about seismic activity and the planet's internal structure, quick and accurate detection and analysis of the electric and magnetic fields is paramount.

A vast arsenal of equipment is typically involved in making a geophysical survey and data can be pulled from a variety of positions both above and below the surface. Here at Clydeside Surveys (UK), we offer over 35 years of expertise in the geophysical survey field and employ the most up to date equipment available. Our GeoPulse Boomer system, for example, is employed most effectively when the survey in question is taking place underwater along a breadth of sub-bottom structures. Whatever your geophysical survey requirements, our expert team of surveyors are able and willing to provide exactly the service you need.